With yoga, for me it’s the connection that matters most.

With myself, my breath, my body. No matter how little time it is that I am able to connect during any given day, it is all precious. Not only that, but I find it equally as important to acknowledge and honor myself each time I am able to include that into my day. I am a better mom, wife, employee, friend…just an overall better ME when I do.

Through the Yoga connection you find YOURSELF.

As time on your mat goes by, you learn how your body feels, what it needs and wants. You take this off your mat into your everyday life. By combining Yoga+Auyrveda; knowing your Dosha and unique constitution, you can practice Yoga in a way that serves as a tool to offer balance and continued connection.

My intention as a teacher is to inspire students through the practice of yoga and the wisdom of Ayurveda to connect with their own personal power, healing abilities and potential. I teach with a playful spirit, and absolutely love to watch people fall in love with yoga and themselves!

I am grateful for having many great teachers in my life. It is this great inspiration and guidance that has led me to the path of yoga – a path that truly changed me and the way I live my life.

My home studio is at the beautiful Zenbar Studio in Oakville, Ontario.

I am also available for private instruction for Corporate, small group, one on one or even Skype sessions.