It was 2010.  Bruised, fractured and taped feet, I entered a yoga studio fresh off the heels (pun intended) of completing a full marathon; I was injured, disconnected and restless. Looking for peace from my ever busy A type mind. I had tried yoga before – years before but this time was it was much different. I was hooked. I laid my head down, took a breath and found ease. Ease in my body and in my mind. In this sacred place on my mat, I found myself, nurtured a self love and gained a strong understanding and belief that I could handle whatever came my way if I kept this connection to my intuition and self.  I craved this place and feeling. THIS was my happy place!

My practice quickly followed me off the mat. I found that I was able to take what I learned and apply it to all facets of my life. Relationships were re-evaluated and fine tuned. I experimented with different eating practices and incorporated Ayurveda health and beauty rituals. I looked at movement and a form of relaxation that truly worked for me. I was able to prioritize and find what was meaningful to me. I softened and let go of so much.

I wrapped my arms around myself.  I surrounded myself with everything that made me feel heightened and energized.  My family, my tribe. I realized that I was in complete control of my happiness and well-being. Protecting my energy became a priority. I had married Yoga+Ayurveda (sister sciences) and as a result was energized, balanced, happy. I was truly living life to the fullest.

As time went on I needed more. I studied, I practiced daily if not more than once a day, I started a home practice. I became a yoga teacher. I realized through teaching that there are so many people that are disconnected. From themselves. From their family, relationships, food – the list is unique to each person.

I have found my peace. I live a lifestyle that is unique to me. I wholeheartedly believe in it. And I believe it is possible for YOU. This is what I want to share. I am committed to educating and sharing MY knowledge, tips, tools and practices that you can easily adapt into your own unique way of living. For YOU. My line of Dosha body and face oils have been created as an entry into understanding Ayurveda and your unique Dosha or constitution.

If you are practicing yoga this lifestyle will bring you to a higher level. If you’re beginning your journey into self care this will bring awareness and understanding. You will flourish.

Welcome to Celina Close Living Ayurveda. Time tested to bring you well-being.

For your mind. For your body. For your spirit.


Celina xx